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Truck accidents aren't just statistics; they represent personal stories of trauma and upheaval. We've seen firsthand the profound emotional and physical toll these accidents take on individuals and their families. At Accident Attorneys Boca Raton (AABR), we don’t just represent clients; we stand beside them, drawing from our deep well of hands-on experience to guide them through their most challenging times.


In our years of practice, we've embraced victims of truck accidents as part of our AABR family. If you or a loved one has been a casualty of such negligence, we extend our hands to you, offering guidance, support, and legal expertise. Let us help you navigate this journey; schedule a no-obligation chat with our dedicated truck accident team.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents - What We've Witnessed

Every truck accident has a story. Through countless consultations and courtroom representations in Boca Raton, we've come to recognize patterns. Large commercial trucks, despite their essential role, often become agents of tragedy on our bustling highways.

From the tearful accounts of our clients and the meticulous gathering of evidence, we've discerned that many accidents result from drivers' errors. Let’s delve into the causes we’ve encountered most:


Over the years, we've comforted families devastated by speed-induced truck accidents. Our caseload bears testimony to the FMCSA’s data: speeding is rampant. Whether it’s a hurried trucker trying to beat the clock through Boca Raton or the pressures of demanding schedules, the aftermath is all too familiar to us. Our dedicated team has relentlessly pursued justice for victims of such negligence, giving them a voice in their fight for rightful compensation.

Distracted Driving

Every distracted driving case we’ve handled tells a tale of preventable heartbreak. The 2017 FMCSA report resonates with our experience: distraction is a silent menace. Be it a trucker texting or a call that took just a second too long, the consequences are life-altering.

In our experience, truck collisions often lead to disproportionate harm to the passenger vehicle's occupants. Drawing from our extensive litigation history, we ensure that the weight of the law leans in favor of the innocent.

Driving Under the Influence

The harrowing stories we’ve heard from DUI-caused truck accident victims are imprinted on our hearts. The NHTSA's data only solidifies what we’ve known: impaired driving is a rampant evil. Regardless of the intoxicant, be it alcohol or potent medication, the aftermath remains tragically consistent. If you've been at the receiving end, we urge you to seek medical help and then let us stand as your legal shield.


Securing Your Rightful Compensation

Over the years, we've had clients walk into our office, lost and overwhelmed post-accident. We've held their hands, guiding them through the maze of rights and claims. If the truck driver's carelessness has scarred you, we'll pool our experience, insights, and expertise to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Our brushes with trucking companies have taught us their defense tactics. Armed with this knowledge, we counteract their moves, ensuring our clients' rights remain paramount. At AABR, we're not just personal injury attorneys; we’re your allies.

Reaching Out to the AABR Family

Our doors are always open to those scarred by truck accidents. Beyond Boca Raton, we've extended our support to neighboring areas, giving hope to victims in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

At AABR, we promise more than legal representation. We offer a sanctuary, understanding, and relentless advocacy. If our stories resonate with yours, we're here for you. Contact us, and let's begin this journey to justice together.

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