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If you or a loved one is a construction worker who was injured at the workplace, we can help you hold the liable parties accountable for your losses. We understand you can feel hopeless after a disastrous construction accident. However, there are ways you can obtain compensation for your losses.

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Common Causes of Construction Accidents in Boca Raton

Construction workplaces are full of dangers and risks due to the presence of large machinery, heavy materials, and moving equipment, as well as the nature of the job. Construction often requires workers to move through areas full of cables, heavy objects, debris, and other things that may cause an accident. Unfortunately, many of these accidents lead to severe, sometimes life-threatening consequences. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the leading causes of construction accidents and injuries include:


Unfortunately, falls are common in construction sites. Project managers and directors should be aware of the dangers associated with construction. However, every year, thousands of construction workers are injured due to falls. Falling in a construction site can lead to severe, life-changing injuries or even death. According to OSHA, in 2017, falls accounted for 381 deaths. As an injured worker, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and desperate, not knowing what will happen after suffering a devastating injury. Fortunately, there are ways you can go against those responsible for your losses.

Being Struck by a Heavy Object

Cranes, scaffolds, steel beams, and other large objects are common in construction sites. Unfortunately, a lack of supervision and safety equipment can lead to workers being struck by any of these objects. Failure to exercise caution at a construction site can cause an object to fall and hit unsuspecting workers. If an object injured you or a loved one at a construction site, our Boca Raton, FL, construction accident attorneys can help.


Electrocutions are also common injuries at construction sites. Many times, there are live wires spread across construction site floors. A lack of proper supervision and proactive safety measures often lead to electrocutions. Many of these accidents can cause permanent scarring, painful burns, or death. If you or a loved one was injured at a construction site, we may be able to assist you.

Common Injuries at Construction Sites

Employees can suffer from many devastating injuries, some of the most common of which include head injuries, crushing injuries, back and neck injuries, and other debilitating, life-threatening injuries. Most of these severe injuries require continuing medical treatment, which can cost a lot of money. Additionally, you may need to go through a painful, stressful recovery period. We can help you obtain compensation for your losses.

Suing an Employer After a Construction Accident in Boca Raton, Florida

If you suffered an injury at a construction site, you may be wondering if you can sue your employer. Most of the time, your employer will provide you with what is known as workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance was created to provide assistance to workers who are injured at their workplace. Typically, you accept the insurance provided by your employer with the caveat that you cannot take them to court over your workplace accident. In other words, you “give up” your right to sue in exchange for workman’s comp coverage.

However, this does not mean your employer is entirely safe from facing a lawsuit. There are instances where you can hold your employer or third parties liable for your injuries and losses. For example, every employer has a duty to provide a safe work environment for all their employees. This means providing fully-functioning safety equipment, posting adequate warnings of any dangers at the construction site, and providing proper training, among other things. If your employer was grossly negligent, you may be able to hold him or her liable for your injuries.

Additionally, if your employer provided you with a piece of faulty equipment, it is possible to file a claim against the equipment manufacturer for any injuries. These are examples of situations where you may file a claim after a construction accident. Our construction accident and injury lawyers can help you hold the liable parties accountable for your losses.

Construction Accident and Injury Attorney Serving Boca Raton, Florida

Coping with a severe injury can be difficult for victims and their families. This is especially true if the injured worker is the only provider. At Accident Attorneys Boca Raton, we understand how tough situations like these can be. That is why we strive to provide high-quality legal counsel to all of our clients. We can fight aggressively and strategically to get the compensation you need and deserve. To schedule a free, confidential consultation with a Boca Raton construction accident lawyer, contact us today.

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