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One of the most common car accidents is a parking lot accident, in which a car strikes another car or car occupant in a parking lot. Town Center in Boca Raton is an extremely popular area for parking lot accidents, as Town Center is a convenient places for car owners to park their vehicles when they go shopping or run errands, or even meet up with friends. When going on an outing, people often have too many items to carry and opt to drive rather than taken the bus or use a taxi.

Unfortunately, drivers may be negligent when parked and cause car accidents that injure car occupants and other drivers in parking lots. Town Center specifically has tons of sharp turns that can make driving hazardous. Parking lot car accident injuries can range from minor to serious and even fatal car accidents. Victims injured in the Town Center parking lot should seek compensation for their damages by filing personal injury lawsuits against at-fault party's insurance company. To do this, contact our Boca Raton car accident lawyers for a free consultation today.


Most Common Causes Of Parking Lot Accidents

The most common cause of car accidents in parking lots is when a car backs up suddenly without warning. Drivers often turn their heads or focus their eyes forward while backing out of car spaces, which can result in them not seeing the car behind them backing up. Drivers could be distracted by cell phones, GPS navigation systems, loud car stereos, children's cries, passengers' conversations and other potential distractions that may lead to car accident injuries.

Another common cause of car accidents in parking lots is when a car turns abruptly into oncoming traffic without giving the right-of-way to oncoming cars. To avoid such type of collisions and resulting personal injury lawsuits , it would be best for drivers to take precautions slow down while making turns and check their car mirrors for any oncoming car before making turns.

Parking Lot Car Accident Liability Rules

When car accidents occur in parking lots, the car accident liability rules that apply are:

  • 1) when a car is backing up and strikes another car that is parallel parked, the driver of the car backing up bears full responsibility;
  • 2) when one car pulls out from a side street or alley and strikes another car already parked in the adjoining lot, the driver of the pulling-out car bears full responsibility;
  • 3) when two cars back into each other while exiting their parking spaces at nearly the same time, both drivers bear equal responsibility for causing personal injury and property damage; and
  • 4) when two cars hit each other head-on while driving through opposite car parking spaces, both drivers bear equal responsibility for causing personal injury and property damage.

Damages From Parking Lot Accidents

When car accidents occur in parking lots, car accident damages can range from minor to serious. Minor car accident damages include damage to the bumper, fender and hood of the car. Moderate car accident damages range from jammed car door locks or sun roof, broken axles, bent car rims, tire blow-outs and loss of car control while driving at speeds around 5 miles per hour to ten mph.

Severe car accident damages include damage to the transmission systems of cars that could cause them not to accelerate properly thus resulting in crashes into other vehicles or stationary objects (such as trees or light poles), broken windshields that result in wind noise and injuries due to glass shards hitting drivers; vehicle fires; head-on collisions with other cars; cracked car frames that could lead car doors not to open thus trapping car occupants inside car compartments.

Personal injury car accident lawsuits arising from car accidents in parking lots often include car accident claims for property damage, medical bills and lost wages due to a missed day of work. In some instances, victims may seek compensation for pain and suffering from car accident injuries.

Filing A Lawsuit After A Parking Lot Accident

Victims injured in car accidents that occurred in parking lots may seek compensation for their damages by filing personal injury car accident lawsuits against at-fault car, truck or SUV drivers. When car accident liability is not clear, car accident victims can file personal injury car crash claims against the car dealership's insurance company if the car involved was a dealer car.

If you are seeking a personal injury attorney to help you with your lawsuit arising from a car crash occurring in a parking lot, please contact us today to have our Florida car crash attorneys provide a free evaluation of your case.

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