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T-bone accidents occur when a car traveling in one direction crashes into a car traveling in the perpendicular direction. A t-bone accident happens when the front end of a car collides with the side of another car or motorcycle.

T-Bone Accidents – The Facts

According to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, t-bone collisions account for as much as 25 percent of all automobile accidents every year. They are especially common on congested city streets that have commercial traffic and also where there is heavy pedestrian traffic near buildings and parking lots.

When t-bones happen, they result in serious injuries to drivers and passengers inside both vehicles regardless of whether the other person was at fault. This is because t-bones typically cause severe impact damage to both vehicles.

Common Causes Of T-Bone Accidents

The most common cause t-bones are driver inattentiveness. Drivers are often so consumed with being distracted by talking on cell phones, applying makeup or looking at the GPS map on their dashboard that they do not pay attention to what is going on around them. Some drivers even develop dangerous habits, such as checking their blind spot only when changing lanes rather than before every turn.

Other t-bone accident causes include being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or prescription medications. Fatigue can also be a factor because it has been proven that even one late night can lead to risky driving during the following day.

Common Injuries In T-Bone Accidents

In t-bone accidents, the impact typically causes significant damage to both vehicles. This leads to a number of injuries that include those from being cut by shattered glass from windows that have been broken, having limbs smashed between metal or being thrown against car seats that have been damaged and collapse during the force of the collision.

If you are in a t-bone accident, do not move your vehicle until police arrive at the scene and conduct an official investigation. If there is any possibility of injury inside either vehicle, wait for paramedics to arrive before going near them or moving injured passengers even slightly. Injured parties should be transported to hospitals immediately for proper medical attention as soon as possible after t-boned accidents.

Proving Fault In A T-Bone Accident

At t-bone accidents, it is common for each driver to claim that the other person was at fault. Because t-bones are often due to negligent driving behaviors, you should contact a car accident lawyer immediately after a t-boned accidents. Your car accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate the t-bone accident and collect all evidence possible to strengthen their case. Everything from photos of the t-bone accident scene to witness statements will be used in court.

When To Get A Lawyer

The best time to contact a lawyer is soon after a t-bone accident because it will give your lawyer enough time to collect and review evidence before it disappears. Your t-bone car accident lawyer should always come out to the scene of t-boned accidents since they cannot rely on police reports for information about how t-bones happen or why they were so severe.

If t-bone car accidents have left you with cuts, bruises or other injuries, you could be entitled to significant compensation. Contact our personal injury lawyers today for more information about how t-boned accidents can affect your life.